What is Guy Mitchells Discography?

Guy Mitchell is a well-known American pop singer and actor. He gained worldwide fame and is one of the most popular icons in the music industry. He sold 44 million records and released many hit singles and albums. Furthermore, he was signed by Warner Brothers as a child and came into the public eye after becoming a singer on the San Francisco radio. 

He released several hits that include: “My Heart Cries for You” in 1950, “My Truly Truly Fair” in 1951, “The Roving Kind” in 1951, “Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania” in 1952, and “Singing the Blues” in 1957. Mitchell’s music and songs are alive in the hearts of his fans. In this post, we will be recalling some of the biggest hits released by Guy Mitchells. Here is a sneak peek into Guy Mitchell discography. 

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What music did he release from 1950 to 1955?

What music did he release from 1950 to 1955 - Guy Mitchells Discography

1. My heart cries for you

“My Heart Cries for You” is a popular song that made Guy Mitchell popular. The song is based on an 18th-century French melody

2. The Roving Kind

The Roving Kind is a popular song originally sung by Jessie Cavanaugh and Arnold Stanton. “The Roving Kind” is a song about a girl who is nice but is a wanderer.

3. My Truly Truly Fair

“My Truly, Truly Fair” is written by Bob Merrill. The song was popularized by Guy Mitchell. He recorded it along with Mitch Miller, and it was released by Columbia Records.

Other popular songs of Guy Mitchell released in 1950-1955 are as follows:

  • “Cloud Lucky Seven”                                                   
  • “Sippin’ Soda”                                                                   
  • “Strollin’ Blues”                                                                                
  • The Cuff Of My Shirt”
  • “Got A Hole In My Sweater”                                                                                       
  • “A Dime and A Dollar”
  • “Tear Down The Mountains”                                                                                      
  • “There Was Once A Man”
  • “My Heaven and Earth”                                                                                
  • “I Met The Cutest Little Eyeful (At The Eiffel Tower)”
  • “Gee, But You Gotta Come Home”                                                                                           

What music did he release from 1955 to 1960?

1. Singing the Blues

“Singing the Blues” is one of the most popular songs of the musician. It was written by Melvin Endsley and was released in 1956. It ranked high on Billboard charts and won the hearts of millions of people. This is the most popular song of Guy Mitchell discography. Learn more about Singing the Blues.

2. Knee Deep in the Blues

“Knee Deep in the Blues” was written by Melvin Endsley. The song reached #3 on the Country Singles charts. One of the most popular music of Guy Mitchell discography.

3. Rock a Billy 

“Rock-a-Billy” is a popular song that was originally sung by Woody Harris and Eddie V. Deane. The song was published in 1957. It became noticed after Guy Mitchell sang it in 1957. Mitchell’s recording of this song reached No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song reached No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart remained at the number 1 position for the entire week in May 1957

Some other popular songs released by Guy Mitchell from 155 to 1960 are as follows: 

  • “Man Overboard”
  • “(Otto Drives Me Crazy) Otto’s Gotta Go”                                                              
  • “Too Late”
  • “Let Us Be Sweethearts Over Again”                                                                      
  • “Ninety-Nine Years (Dead Or Alive)”
  • “Perfume, Candy and Flowers”                                           
  • “When Blinky Blows”                                                                       
  • “Belonging”                                                               
  • “Give Me A Carriage With Eight White Horses”
  • “I Used To Yate Ya”                                                              
  • “Finders Keepers”

What music did he release from 1960 to 1965?

What music did he release from 1960 to 1965 - Guy Mitchells Discography

1. Sunshine Guitar (Riding around in the rain)

Sunshine Guitar is a popular song released by Guy Mitchell. The genre of this song is pop, folk, world, and country. It is released in three different versions and all of them have been popular.

2. Charlie’s Shoes

Charlie’s shoes that are popularly known as I’d like to be in is written by Roy Baham. It is released by Billy Walker and has the number one hit of his career. This song has spent two consecutive weeks at the top spot for about 23 years.

3. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

Have I told you lately that I love you is a prominent song that is written by Scotty Wiseman? It is released for a musical film in 1944 named Sing, Neighbor Sing. This song is performed by Lulu Belle and Scotty. You will not be surprised to know that it has become one of the greatest hits of Wiseman and his wife. Have I told you lately that I love you, has been the first-ever country music song to gain attention from millions of listeners?

Other songs:

  • You’re Goodnight Kiss
  • Divorce
  • Soft Rain
  • Go tiger go

What music did he release from 1965 to 1970?

What music did he release from 1965 to 1970 - Guy Mitchell Discography

1. The best thing that ever happened to me

Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me is written by Jim Weatherly. It is produced by Don Law. This song is first recorded by Ray Price. Other artists also did covers for this song and gained a lot of success.

2. Alabam

Alabam was written by Cowboy Copas. He kept performing this song in 1960, and it became an instant hit among the audience. It has been a very successful song of Cowboy and went to grab the top position at the Billboard country charts. The best thing is that it spends around 12 weeks at the top spot

Guy Mitchell covered this song with a new version in 1968. The new version also grabbed a position at number 61 on the Hot Country’s chart. Alabam was also covered by other artists including Minnie Pearl, Bobby Vinton, Hank Williams, and more.

3. Travelling shoes/every night is a lifetime

Travelling shoes is a top pop ballad that was released in 1967. It became an instant hit and everyone loves humming it. Many artists including Guy Mitchell have released various versions of it.

4. Singing the Blues By Guy

Singing the blues is a popular song that is written by Melvin Endsley. The first version of this song was released by Marty Robbins. Guy Mitchell release another version of it that spent around ten weeks at the number one spot of Billboard Single’s chart.

5. Get it over/Just wish you’d maybe change your mind

Just wish you’d maybe change your mind is a popular song released by Guy. It is written by Chris Gantry and produced by Don Pierce.

The Final Words

Guy Mitchell is a popular artist who has released a lot of good sings in his career. You can check out Guy Mitchell discography that we wrote above.. All his songs are a masterpiece that is still loved by people of all ages!

He was signed by Warner Brothers from a young age for his possible future potential, but made a name for himself as a singer on San Francisco radio. After serving in the U.S. Navy, he sang with Carmen Cavallaro’s band from 1946-1947. In 1950, he joined Columbia Records and had some great hits accompanied by Mitch Miller and his orchestra, including 1950’s “My Heart Is Crying For You,” 1951’s “My True Fair,” 1951’s “The Flowing Kind “, 1952’s “Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania” and 1957’s “Singin’ the Blues” on gold records. Mitchell appeared in the films “Redheads of Seattle” (1953) in 1953 and “The Red Garter” (1954) in 1954.

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