What Is The Biography of Guy Mitchell?

Guy Mitchell American pop singer and actor. He found great success in his homeland and was a global phenomenon. He gained a lot of recognition outside of America and was loved by people in the UK and Australia. Guy Mitchell sold over 44 million records and six million single tracks worldwide. His success was immeasurable and had no boundaries. He was also a successful actor and appeared in many popular TV series. If you want to know about the life story and success of Guy Mitchell, then you can read the post below.

Who is Guy Mitchell?

Who is Guy Mitchell?

Guy Mitchell was a popular singer and actor. He was born on February 22, 1927. His real name was Albert George Cernik. He died on July 1, 1999, and left his millions of fans to heart broken. The American pop singer and actor was not only successful in America but also gained a lot of success in other parts of the world including the UK and Australia.

Guy Mitchell remains one of the highest-selling record artists of all time. He has a record of selling more than 44 million records and six million-selling singles. His success was not limited to his singing career. He also ventured into acting and starred in ABC’s The Guy Mitchell Show. The actor also appeared as George Romack on the NBC western detective series Whispering Smith.

What is Guy Mitchell’s personal life?

Guy Mitchell was born on 22nd February, 1927. He was born and brought up in Nevada. Guy Mitchell was interested in music since his childhood days. He started his career as a Musician. He had a beautiful voice and also wrote lyrics of many of his hit singles. At the age of 20, Guy Mitchell started his career. He was born to Croatian immigrants in Michigan. When he was just 11 he got signed by Warner Brothers Pictures. He made his debut as a child star. At an early age, he was signed by Dude Martin and participated with him in a country music broadcast that was held in San Francisco.

Mitchell served in the United States Navy during World War II. His military services spanned over the period of two years. He also sang songs with Carmen Cavallaro’s big band. He went to New York City and signed a record deal with King Records as Al Grant. He participated in the radio show Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts and won the show in 1949 as a solo 

Guy Mitchell got married three times in his life. His first marriage was to Jackie Loughery. His first wife was former Miss USA. The couple broke up after staying together for a few years. After divorcing his first wife he married for the second time to Elsa Sorenson. She was former Miss Denmark and was crowned in 1956. His second marriage also didn’t last long and he broke up with his second wife as well. He married for the third time and spent 25 successful years with his third wife Betty.

What has Guy Mitchell done in his life?

What has Guy Mitchell done in his life?

Guy Mitchell started an impressive career after signing up with Eddie Joy. It was during this time that he started his training with a lot of passion. Later he was introduced to Mitch Miller who is the head of Columbia Records. If we talk about the first five singles with Columbia they didn’t make any mark. 

Frank Sinatra came to his rescue and he went back into the studio. They recorded some important songs of his career that include “My Heart Cries for You” and “The Roving Kind“. Both these songs became an instant hit and maintained a position for about 21 weeks in the chart. In 1951 these songs became a success selling over two million copies.

As his recording career started it was time for Guy Mitchell to draw in some people at his concert. All the shows in England were instantly sold out thanks to his hits My Truly, My fair. Meanwhile, he also thought about taking a break in the mid-’50s. It was the start of a brief venture into an acting career. Due to some good marketing strategies, he came back to record even more songs.

In 1956 Marty Robbins started recording some country songs. It includes “Singin’ the Blues’’. Guy Mitchell started to cover a pop-style song. This song became a big hit and the version of Guy became prominent among people. The song easily spend nine weeks on the charts and sold over a million copies. 

His follow-up song “Knee Deep in the Blues’’ became even more popular. After that, he didn’t connect with all the audiences. He then prepared for a variety show that followed another concert in America. At the same time, he traveled to England among huge crowds in the 1950s.

In 1961 Mitchell left Columbia Records but he didn’t get the same attention on the song charts as before. He thought about retiring from his career. However, like many other stars due to nostalgia, he came back to music. He remained at the top even in the ’80s and found a great deal of audience in Yugoslavia. 

1. My Heart Cries for You (1950)

2. The Roving Kind (1951)

3. My Truly, Truly Fair (1951)

4. Sparrow in the Treetop (1951) 

5. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (1952)

6. She Wears Red Feathers (1953) 

7. Belle, Belle, My Liberty Belle (1951) 

8. Feet Up (Pat Him on the Po-po) (1952)

9. Heartaches by the Number

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How did Guy Mitchell die?

Guy Mitchell died on July 1st, 1999 at the age of 72. Before his death, he was admitted to Desert Springs Hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada, in the city of casinos and nightlife. After his cancer surgery, he was going through some complications. The side effects led to his death and a lot of people poured in their tributes for him.

The Final words

Guy Mitchell was a popular American singer and actor. He got a lot of fame and success in the UK and Australia. Due to his popularity, he became the highest-selling artist of his time. To date, he has sold over 44 million records. He is still alive in the heart of his fans and the music industry!

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