Who sang ‘Singing the blues’?

Singing the Blues is one of the most popular songs that came out in 1956. This famous song was written by Melvin Endsley and is still loved by people of all ages. The song was recorded in 1956 and released in the same year. Marty Robbins is the singer of this popular song who himself doesn’t need any introduction. Many people confuse it with a song that was released in 1920. However, the Jazz song with the same name is a different version altogether. The singers of the 1927 version of ‘singing the blues’ are Frank Trumbauer and Bix Beiderbecke in 1927.

What is the origin of singing the blues?

What is the origin of singing the blues

Singing the Blues is a popular song that was released in 1956. It was sung by the legendary singer Guy Mitchell. Due to high popularity, the song spent ten weeks at number one on the US Billboard songs chart. This song became the talk of the town and was on everyone’s lips. Discover the other music of Guy Mitchell here.

Due to high sales, it became the number one single from 8th Dec to 2nd Feb 1957. Interestingly it is also the second and last hit of Guy Mitchell in Italy. The song easily became a hit and featured on the national Musica e Dischi Hit Parade.

Earlier ‘My heart Cries for you has seen similar kind of success in 1951. Another record made by this single is on Columbia #40769 and the Ray Conniff Orchestra. The version of Guy Mitchell crossed all boundaries. His song became number one on the UK singles charts for three weeks. 

In 1957 it has been the only single to feature on different charts on separate occasions. The other three hit songs of the era include “I Believe” by Frankie Laine, “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, and “What Do You Mean?” by Justin Bieber. However, the part of Guy’s version dominates the intros and even the solo sections.

What is the version of Marty Robbins and Tommy Steele?

When Guy recorded the famous singing the blues, it inspired two other popular singers. Tommy Steele, who is an English singer, recorded this song. Apart from that, another singer Marty Robbins also released the song much before Guy did. 

The version by Tommy hit the charts at the top for about one week. On 11th January 1957, Guy also released the same song with a different version. It seemed like a battle for both versions to reach the top of the game. 

If we talk about Tommy’s version, it couldn’t do much at the US singles chart. The version by Marty Robbins got successful as the song reached number one on the Billboard C&W Best Sellers Chart. It maintained the position for about 13 weeks peaking at number 17 on the Pop chart during the run. 

In 1983 another prominent singer Gail Davies was inspired by this song. Singing the Blues has become a phenomenon at that time. Her version of the song took it straight to the top 20 at the Hot 100 Country singles chart.

What are the other versions of ‘Singing the blues?’

Singing the Blues is not less than any legendary song as it is covered many times by different artists. The song is revived by many singers on different occasions. It is loved by people of all ages too. Almost all the versions of this song have made it to the top 40 singles charts. In the 1980s, this hit song was released with a new version by various artists. 

This list includes famous singers Dave Edmunds (1980) and Gail Davies (1983). In 1994 Daniel O’Donnell got the chance to release his version. The love for this song continued to grow as Cliff Richard & the Shadows also covered this song in 2009.

Trumpeter Bob Scobey and banjoist/vocalist Clancy Hayes recorded a version in 1958. Some other popular covers of singing the blues include versions by Bill Haley & His Comets. If we talk about the singers in the 2000’s Bert Jansch is the first one to record the version of singing the blues.

There are a lot of singers, including Paul McCartney, who has covered this song on MTV Unplugged. Hank Snow and Groovie Ghoulies covered the song for their hit album World Contact Day. In 1964 Hugues Aufray and his Skiffle Group recorded a French version of the song. It is popularly called “Tout le long du Chemin’’.

Is Singing the Blues used in football/Soccer?

Is Singing the Blues used in football/Soccer

Tom Ross and Ian Denter, who are popular Birmingham City supporting radio presenters, released a version of singing the Blues. They celebrated the promotion of their club to the Premier league with this hit song.

All the fans of Blackburn Rover fans have been humming the song forever. Whenever Rovers get a win, his fan hum, ‘’you’ve got me singing the blues.” While the fans of Everton sing the following “I’ve never felt more like singing the blues’ whenever he wins the game.

This song is commonly played in almost all the matches of Manchester City football. In this case, all the fans sing, “Never felt more like singing the blues, City win, United lose.” 

Singing the blues is also quite popular among Sheffield Wednesday fans. They have created their version and lyrics that states: “Never felt more like singing the blues, when Wednesday win, United lose.” 

Taking inspiration from all such incidents, Former Wednesday player Terry Curran has recorded a new version of the song. You will be surprised to know that it is still used at Hillsborough. 

The fans of Ipswich Town are taking inspiration from this song. They even recorded a version for their fan club. The prominent lyrics of their song are: “I’ve never felt more like singing the Blues, When Ipswich win and Norwich lose, Oh Ipswich you’ve got me singing the blues”.

Final Words

There is nothing like ‘Singing the blues.’ It has a unique sound that can capture the hearts of many listeners. This song’s distinctive and addictive sound has made it a memorable one for people of all ages. Different artists and vocalists have covered this song. This speaks volumes of how popular this song is! 

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